We have had the great pleasure of working with Zoe on two fashion shoots and several for our e-commerce. 

Vic and Bert has been going for nearly 8 years and we have worked with a few photographers. Zoe has without a doubt been one of the easiest and pleasant to work with - an added bonus that she is local. 

Prior to a shoot she works really hard to develop look boards and ideas ensuring that we are on the same page and the image we are looking for and story is captured. She gets it every time !! 

Often our shoots are so organised and efficient the day goes from stressful worries to total enjoyment. 

Her talent and enthusiasm for her art is enormous. She sees it , captures it and delivers every time. 

Zoe actually is just a pleasure to work with ! 

I do also have to add. Having worked in fashion my entire life I have been involved in many shoots. Sometimes with quite famous photographers. Be under no illusion that Zoe hasn t got that same talent - she’s just lucky enough and so are we that she lives in beautiful Torquay ! 

Mel Vincent 
Vic and Bert