Plastic Free February



Thank so much for checking in and watching my first Plastic Free Feb update. And if you haven't already seen on my Instagram or watched, this month (Feb) I am taking on the challenge of living 100% PLASTIC FREE !!

The reason I am doing this challenge is to not only reduce my personal impact but increase the awareness around plastic pollution and encourage others to make a change 🐳

Over the past few years, I have been slowly working to reduce my impact and help protect our oceans through #taking3forthesea on my morning dog walks and sharing my knowledge with others. But I thought it was time to kick it up a notch. There is a list of plastic items that are still in my daily life and I would love to find sustainable alternatives and share the knowledge with you!

WHY? It is believed over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are floating in our oceans. With shoppers using 500 billion single use plastic bags per year. On top of that, we have billions of single-use coffee cups, plastic cutlery straws and food containers impacting our beautiful marine ecosystems.

DID YOU KNOW ??? One single plastic bag can kill multiple marine creatures, as it takes so long to break down.

From which the plastic lives on as microplastics in our oceans and the food you consume.💧

On this note, it is so easy to trust that the plastic we use will be disposed of correctly or just forget we used it a second later. Trust me ... I am guilty of it all the time! thinking, It's ok, I only used one packet or it will be recycled. Unfortunately, it all adds up and the oceans need our help 💛💛

HELP ME spread the word and share my #Plasticfreefeb Instagram post on your stories, follow my journey via insta & Youtube. Where i will be doing regular updates, sharing things i learn and daily life on the challange.

And help me make a positive impact by donating via the link below, where 100% of donations will go to and their incredible efforts towards marine conservation (even $1 is amazing ).

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