How to make a difference this World OceansDay

Who knows what World Oceans Day is?

And if you do, have you ever wondered how you can make a difference on this day?

World Ocean Day is 24 hours dedicated to celebrating, exploring, and protecting our magnificent oceans. An opportunity for people all over the world to connect and come together to start creating a better future.

This is a unique opportunity for us to honour the beauty and importance of the oceans in this world. A place that is home to over 22,000 known species and covers over 70% of this plant WOW. It also

- Generates most of the oxygen we breathe

- Helps feed us

- Regulates our climate

- Cleans the water we drink

- Offers a pharmacopoeia of medicines

- Provides limitless inspiration, beauty & adventure!

How can YOU make a difference this World Ocean Day

- Plan an event – from art exhibitions to children’s art competitions. Small or large Community festivals with rock pool rambles, ocean themed activities, prizes and raffles.

- Organise a beach clean up in your local community or just head to the beach with your friends to help clean up your favourite beach. Even make a day of it by bringing some music and a picnic.

- Run an Ocean Film screening.

And for our social media techno buffs.


- Run an online photo competition where everyone posts their most beautiful ocean images and shares why we should protect our oceans (on this note check the bottom of this blog ). Run a fun raising competition, campaign or go LIVE and spread the word to your online community.

Or if you would like to and an event near you, just follow this link and I am sure some amazing person nearby will have organised an event.

Every one of these tips or ideas can be actioned large or small. Within your friends and family, community or town. List your event on or keep it private.

And just remember, the smallest actions are magnified when done by many!

So enjoy this beautiful day and let's make a lifetime of it

xxx Zoe Strapp

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