Girls Guide to the ultimate Eco Surf Trip

Let's face it, surfer girls rule!! We are way more chilled in the water, always smiling and cheering each other on, get to wear epic surf gear and charge just as hard and there is simply nothing better than getting ready for that once in a life time, tropical odyssey, bikinis packed, all girls surf trip!

Though making sure you’re next epic surf trip is ocean friendly can be tricky business. Along with the language barrier of many surf destinations, education on the issue f plastic can be scarse and make it very hard to tread lightly on this earth. So here it is, the ultimate guide to your next All Girls Surf Trip. From how to avoid those pesky fight charges to packing you bag, we have got it covered.

Step 1: Where to go?

It all comes down to how dedicated you are to finding the perfect wave. We all know the perfect wave is never a direct fight, in perfect comfort, lots of leg room and amazing hot soy lattes away. You have to suck it up to get the barrel (or try haha). So all I have to say is open your eyes, widen your horizon and go exploring! Google maps is always a great place to start..

Step 2: Booking fights!!

Now put your hand up if you have been stung with that very unwelcoming, HUGE, extra fee at checkin. Oh yes.. we have all experienced the moment of, that will be $300aus for 1 surfboard, please. Oh you have two in there, yep $600 please haha. While the elimination of this event is never guaranteed. I want to share my two cents to help you avoid this unwelcome cost.

- The first tip is to fly with one check-in bag. According to most airlines, especially all the standard ones in Australia (Virgin, Air Asia, Quantas, Jetstar etc) your standard shortboard is within the measurement of a check in bag. So as long as your bag is not over the weight limit you are all good to go. QUICK TIP: use your rash vests, clothes, towel and bikinis to protect your board

- If you need to bring two check-in bags, research if your chosen airline allows you to pay for extra bags or a surfboard (sporting equipment) at the time of booking your flight. I know Virgin Australia allows you to prepay for a surfboard, so at least your only paying an extra $60AUS or so, rather than $300 (I swear they make that price up on the spot).


This is the key step. From spare leggies to fin keys and the emergency reef cut kit. Our goal is to make sure your next surf trip is as sustainable and ocean-friendly as possible. Follow our guide below and you are ready to explore!!

1. Surfboard: Ofcourse! While there is nothing sustainable about my board, although I am very kind to my boards and keep them for a long time. There are some amazing brands out there offering more earth-friendly boards, for example, Notox , FireWire & Ecoboards . None of which I have used myself but have certainly had some amazing reviews.

2. Bikinis For Days: Our key essential! The waves are pumping and you need to know you are set to tackle the line up in a suit that’s there to stay. I mean we all know line ups are filled with welcoming and kind hearted men (Ha. Ha) and its certainly comforting to know your suit will be there at the end. Few brands i love include @soultisurf and @kokohbikini.

3. All Natural Zinc: A must have, especially when heading to a tropical location. My current favourite is Sun and Earth Zinc from Byron Bay and Reef Safe Sunbutter from Western Australia.

4. Organic Surf Wax: Super sticky and friendly for the 􀃒shies, I am loving Tree Huggers surf wax at the moment.

5.Thongs or Flip Flops: Essential to avoid the endless unknowns on many of the rugged roads you will find your self on. Check out Reefs amazing biodegradable & ocean-friendly Escape Thongs.

6. Diary & Bamboo Pen: These memories will last forever, though there is nothing more special than writing travel post down those inspired and island fuelled thoughts and ideas, I mean Akua was born on a surf trip. Grab an earth-friendly bamboo pen from many places, for example, Buy Eco Green.

7. Re-useable Water Bottle & Coffee Cup: This is the number one must have to avoid the ever looming issue of non-drinkable tap water at many of our key surf locations. Ask if your hostel has a filtered water cooler available for guests, if not purchase the biggest tub of water available and keep it in your hostel to refill your drink bottle. My favourite is from Earth Bottles !!

8. Snorkel Mask: A handy thing to have, you never know what amazing marine life might be around.

9. Camera: Always carry some sort of camera, capturing foreign cultures and people is truly special.

10. Coconut Oil: Wonderful, could not live without it! Coconut oil is your solution to the endless salt and sun your hail will endure, plus a great alternative to using those mini plastic shampoos and conditioner. It works just as well, just rinse your hair in fresh water and lather it in coconut oil at the end of every day. I like to buy mine in bulk and put in recycled glass jars for travel.

11. Stainless Steel Straw: Say no to straws! Third world countries love putting straws in everything, from juices to coconuts. Just ask them politely not to give you a straw and whip out this bad boy. Shop online at Earth Bottles.

12.Re-useable Bag: Always handy to carry a small and large reusable bag of some kind, and to say no to any plastic bags you are offered.

13.Sun Hat: Keep things sun smart with a hat you can count on. My go to at the moment is the full brim hat from Blak headwear. Always stays on in the wind, drawstring, environmentally conscious brand and super funky!

14. Bamboo Toothbrush: Keep things plastic free with an awesome, eco-friendly toothbrush for your travels. Shop at Go Bamboo.

15.Passport: Don’t forget that one!

16. Card: This will be your lifesaver. Many of places you end up maybe strongly religious and not serve alcohol or maybe no tv. Cards are small, great for making friends and pass the time with a laugh!

HAPPY SURFING GIRLS! I hope you have some incredible adventures and cannot wait to hear all about them

XX Zoe Strapp

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